A Book is Born!

Life with an Impossible Person by Joan D. HeimanAvailable for purchase on Amazon.com now! Click Here.

Hi, I found this quote waiting in my email this morning:
This is the secret of life: to be non-serious but absolutely involved.” ~Sadhguru

It reminds me of a Buddhist-influenced novel Philip and I read ages ago. A fragment of a line from that book has stuck with me all these years: “to care and not to care.

So, at long last, with the publication of Life with an Impossible Person; A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Transformation, to care and not to care becomes my immediate challenge. Of course, I want you to read it. And, of course, I want you to love it as much – or nearly as much as I’ve loved spending these past three years feeling my way into writing about Philip and about our life together. I do hope the book touches your heart. I hope it speaks to your longings and dreams. I hope it makes you laugh and cry. And if you need, I hope it heals or soothes or speaks to your pain. I also hope to let go of caring in the wrong way and wanting this precious-to-me book to be precious to you. It’s time to let it go, to let it be perfectly imperfect, much as Philip was, much as we all are.

To be non-serious but absolutely involved is a wonderful way to describe my impossibly beloved partner. His was a maddening, awe-inspiring, life-enhancing way to walk through the world. And, ultimately, to walk out of it. It was his way. I invite you to walk with him, to join me in celebrating and honoring his story. Happy non-serious but absolutely involved reading!

21 thoughts on “A Book is Born!

  1. Joan,

    Congratulations on publication of your book. How great is that!! I hope are good and that the writing of the book has been healing for you.

    So sorry that I have been such a poor friend. My life is hectic but with what I do not know as I have let go of things and not picked up new things. Perhaps is is the slowing down of the body. I seem to be forever chasing my tail.





    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Ernestine. Maybe the AAUW Book Group would consider reading the book and “inviting” me to talk and listen?? No worries or apologies about being out of touch or too busy! I have been in NY with my mom and am headed back there again on Monday. Life is full of ups and downs and challenges. Love, joan


  2. Well done Joan.
    A long journey and I hope a healing one.
    I remember Philip so well. We’d bump into each other shopping in the fruit and vegetable section of Al Falah plaza in Abu Dhabi. We’d swap notes, solve the worlds problems and compare prices, before heading back out into the 104f heat outside. He was a most unique person for sure.
    I hope you write more in the future Joan as I believe you have a most readable style. Wishing you every success with the book. Hugs and love


    1. Thank you, Glenn. It is especially heart-healing to be in touch with people who knew Philip. And yes, I plan to keep writing — in fact, the next project is about our time in Abu Dhabi. Just have to get life to slow down a bit, for my mom to heal and settle back into her 95-year-old life. She’s been waiting for me to write “Letters from Abu Dhabi” for years!


  3. Joan
    Congratulations on the publishing of your book. I know you have put tireless hours of work into it. It has become your passion and tribute to Philip. I know he and I didn’t see eye to eye and neither of us could even begin to understand each other’s life styles. For years I couldn’t figure out why you loved him, accepted him,dealt with his stubbornness and his beliefs, but I now realize he was your best friend and lover. As years have gone by, and our relationship has been reborn, I am happy and proud of your accomplishment in publishing your book and wish you only good luck and happiness.
    Love, Dave


    1. Thank you for being willing to let me back into your life. I hope that if you read the book, it will help you to see parts of Philip you never had the time or opportunity to know when he was alive and with me. Life and love are mysteries, the people we love are perhaps the greatest mysteries of all. Thank you for your kind words and support. Love, joan


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    Well deserved, I might say too

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  5. So very proud, impressed and inspired by you and your fearlessness. You accomplished what you set out to do with so much courage, heart and light. Congratulations 🙂


    1. Thank you, Hania. I hope if you read it, that it’ll be a way for me to share myself and my journey more fully with you. I love you.


  6. Thanks, Tanya. I hope you’ll be able to read it and find yourself in parts. And find our love for Philip throughout. Love you.


  7. Huge congratulations, Joan! Your writing is so gorgeous. Lets have tea soon and you can tell me the steps you went through to get this finished. And I love the cover. I’m still in the revisions stage of 13 Dogs and Me, a ways to go!


  8. Thanks, Mary. I’d love to have tea and talk. I’ve been back and forth to NY more times than I can count since May (and am headed out again tomorrow) to be with my struggling 95-year-old mom, but when I get back and catch my breath (or not??), I’ll get in touch. Keep on going with 13 Dogs and Me. I look forward to reading it!


  9. You describe the deepest emotions & helped me smile at the struggles along the way as we say goodbye to Loved Ones. Couldn’t put it down !


  10. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to the book. I couldn’t hope for a better response since this is so close to what I hope the book will evoke in readers.


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